Masterpiece Fund


All donations are submitted to the National Philanthropic Trust, who manages the finances of the Masterpiece Fund. Through Crowdrise, the donation web site, you'll receive an email confirmation of your donation within 24 hours. 

Make your donation online today.

To make a donation of more than $1,000, please contact the

Masterpiece Fund's financial representative, Philip P. Bocketti

at or 800-704-4024.  

Your donation and the principle will be conservatively invested. The full amount of your donation will be distributed within a calendar year. 

Who receives the Benefits

All distributions from the Masterpiece Fund go to certified 501(c)3 charities. The mission of the Masterpiece Fund is to help those in need and to spread the good word of the Kingdom of God. With that as our guiding light, we are committed to giving our donations to Kingdom causes. These include but are not limited to helping:

  • End slavery and assisting those in recovery from enslavement.
  • Widows and orphans.
  • People who are hungry and in need to food, clothing, shelter, safety, education, and more.
  • Missions who are providing love and kindness to those in need.
  • Institutions and programs working with underprivileged youth and adults, and those who need physical and spiritual support.

With the combination of your donation and the generosity of others, the Masterpiece Fund will assist missions and charities throughout the world. 

Read about the charities who have received support from the Masterpiece Fund.​

“Give, and it will be given to you...For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” Luke 6:38